Free the Clarity, Calm & Power within your Whole Being.
Free the Clarity, Calm & Power within your Whole Being.

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Soul Clearing Journey


Guided Shamanic Journey

Heart-Aligned Community

Clear blocks to Receiving

Clear blocks to Intuitive Clarity

Feel your Divine Worth

Feel deep grounded sense of Calm

Hi Beautiful Soul!


in your efforts to Manifest 

your Heart-Aligned Desires?

Stuck in self-limiting patterns which you can't seem to clear?

Tired of feeling you're "not enough" or not "doing enough" ?

Unable to consistently and clearly hear you Intuitive Truth?

Feeling alone in your vision with stress like rocks in your stomach?

Join me for a Guided Soul Journey 

LIVE Zoom video 
Saturday, May 23, 2020 
at 6:30 pm EDT (UTC-4:00)

(allow for 75 - 90 min)

What you'll experience:

  • Guided meditation into a Shamanic forest realm
  • Clearing ceremony assisted by Mother Earth, Shamanic Grandmother elder, Archangel Micheal and other Star Souls
  • Powerful shared Presence with other 5D evolving heart-aligned people
  • Opportunity to clear limits to Receiving specific to the shared patterns I See for You and all Soulkin present

“Vicki is amazing!!The last clearing I did with her, she saw chains from a past lifetime holding back my power and when we released them all the pain in my neck went away! Her work is so powerful and I feel so safe and supported with her. I can’t wait for the next clearing! ”

grace b.

This transformative Journey will provide you with feeling:

  • Connection with heart-aligned soul family (I'm not alone!)
  • More ease and grace in Allowing yourself to Receive what you've been calling in to your Life
  • A deeper sense of self-worth
  • More Intuitive Clarity
  • Lightness and ease in your body
  • A sense of deep grounded calm
  • Lovingly Seen and Supported
Vicki Perez Soul Coach

Hi! I'm Vicki. 

Soul Weaver Shaman. 
Daughter of Mother Earth. 
Lemurian Priestess.

Sacred Space Holder, 
Loving Witness, Core Essence Liberator, 
and Higher Soul Doula.

I work with passionate people like you working to make positive empowered impact in your community while constantly evolving your awareness, compassion and sense of Authentic Self.

I'm your trail guide to journeying deeper within the landscape of your Soul to emerge with newly Integrated Wholeness. 

My mission is to call you Home to your Truth, Free Your Clarity, and Reconnect you with your Whole Power.